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There is a story that will captivate an audience like no other.  It is a story that pulls on heartstrings and leaves the listener perched on the edge of their seats.  A story full of pain and suffering, enlightenment and hope, and finally, redemption.  As believers, it is the story of our salvation and proves the power of our testimony.   And it is exactly what other Biblical characters used when they faced a hostile, unbelieving crowd.

In Acts 9 we see the account of Paul’s salvation on the Damascus road.

Then, facing a mob that wanted to take his life, Paul spoke to them about his testimony in Acts 22.

Finally, when giving his defense to King Agrippa, Paul began with the power of his testimony in Acts 26

It seems the power of our story is a formidable force to be reckoned with.

What is the Power of Our Testimony?

Our testimony is the story of what happened to us, on a personal level.  It could be how we lost weight, or overcame a personal crisis, or came to faith in Jesus Christ.   But it is our story, and no one else’s.

And because it is our story it is immune to claims like, “I don’t believe the Bible” or “That’s your version of truth, but that’s not mine” or “Don’t try to shove your beliefs down my throat!”  We’re not.  We are simply telling you a story of how a hungry person found bread.  And if we found bread, so can you.

Some questions from our last session, how is your testimony or witness for Jesus?  Is it sharp, like a two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12)?  Or has it grown rust and decay from neglect or lack of use?  Remember, we are the only ones that have our witness about Him?  Everyone else has their own.  And it is our responsibility to tell others what He has done for us.  That is what love is.  And it can be as simple as this:

“One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.” (John 9:25).

Let’s look at the power behind our testimony.



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