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As we have repeatedly warned, you and your church need to begin to prepare for the coming persecution against Christians in this nation.  You need to open your eyes and wake up and see that it’s right around the corner.  For me, this looks like we are living in Nazi Germany in 1938.  Remember?


Check Out What’s Flying Over Our Embassy in Israel

The U.S. ambassador to Israel hoisted a gay pride flag over the American embassy in what is believed to be a groundbreaking moment.

“Proudly flying the colors,” Ambassador Dan Shapiro wrote on the embassy’s Facebook page. He posted a photograph showing a rainbow colored flag flying alongside the American flag outside the embassy in Tel Aviv.

“For the first time in history, the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv has raised the Pride flag together with our American flag,” Shapiro wrote.  “We are proud to join with the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo and its residents in celebrating LGBT Pride Week.”

So the Obama Administration publicly endorses and affirms the gay rights movement.  Meanwhile, American military personnel are being ordered to remove Bibles from their desks and Bible verses from their walls — lest they be accused of publicly endorsing or affirming Christianity.

Some might call that a double-standard.


From Todd Starnes.  You can view the original post here.  Fox news also reported on this here.